WACOPS Labor Defense Group

The WACOPS Labor Defense Group (LDG) is a 501(c)5 nonprofit corporation established to perform all the functions of a labor organization in the public sector. The LDG is a voluntary program that assists guilds and associations in efforts to improve wages, hours, and working conditions. Represented by one of the most respected labor law firms in the state, Vick Julius McClure, the LDG represents employees through collective bargaining by providing negotiating, litigation, and arbitration services. Groups who choose to participate in the LDG are also enrolled in the PORAC Legal Defense Fund which provides assistance to the individual members in need of legal representation as a result of performing their duties.

Who can participate in the LDG?

Guilds and associations that are affiliated with WACOPS, and have less than 50 members, are eligible to participate in the program.

Who manages the LDG?

The affairs of the LDG are managed by a 7-person Board of Directors. The board decides the aims and means of accomplishing the purposes of the LDG and has authority to take all actions necessary for accomplishing the purposes of the LDG. The law firm of Vick, Julius & McClure has been retained to provide legal assistance and training to the LDG.

What services does the LDG offer?

The purpose of the organization is to improve wages, hours, and working conditions of represented employees through collective bargaining by providing advice and negotiating, litigation, arbitration, and related service to those labor organizations that are affiliated with WACOPS and become a participant in the LDG. Groups participating in the LDG are also enrolled in the PORAC Legal Defense Fund Plan 2, an ERISA Trust that provides legal service benefits for public safety personnel. For information about services provided by PORAC visit porac.org/legal-defense-fund.

NEW! Additional Coverage through PORAC Legal Defense Fund (LDF) Plan 6

Coverage for representation in the event you are brought before the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission for a hearing related to your certification. As of July 2021, the CJTC may, after an investigation, suspend or revoke your certification for an array of alleged offenses. Plan 6 covers administrative proceedings for license revocation or suspension (Act or Omission within the Scope of Employment). Legal representation in administrative proceedings involving the revocation or suspension of a certification or license to serve as a peace officer within the state in which the Participant is employed. The PORAC LDF Plan 6 option is only available to members enrolled in another PORAC LDF Benefit Plan (I, II or III).

What does PORAC LDF Plan 6 Cost? PORAC LDF is offering Plan 6 for just $5.00 per member per month. If your organization elects to add this coverage, your monthly WACOPS LDG invoice will reflect an additional $5.00 per person per month. All WACOPS LDG member organizations currently pay for labor defense and for PORAC LDF Plan 2. This coverage is $45.00 per person per month. When you elect to add the PORAC LDF Plan 6 your monthly invoice will go up to $50.00 per person per month.

What is the overall investment as a Labor Defense Group member organization?

The dues structure for members participating in the LDG is as follows:
WACOPS dues:  $12.50/mo per officer/per month
LDG dues: $40.00/mo per officer/per month
PORAC Plan 2 dues (required): $5.00/mo per officer/per month
PORAC Plan 6 dues (recommended): $5.00/mo per officer/per month

The 2023 Labor Defense Group Board of Directors
President: Jim Barnes, Lake Stevens Police Guild, [email protected]
Vice President: Jason Southard, Monroe Police Lts. & Capts. Association, [email protected]
Secretary/Treasurer: Tarina Rose-Watson, Spokane Airport Police Association, [email protected]
Tony Leonetti, Fish and Wildlife Sgts. Guild, [email protected]
Chris Tracy, Tacoma Police Union Local 6, [email protected]
Chris Breault, Lynnwood Police Guild, [email protected]
Dave Dunkin, Spokane Police Guild, [email protected]

LDG Consultants
Chuck Reisenauer, Retired, [email protected], (509) 879-4834
Neil Martin, Vancouver Police Guild, [email protected], (360) 904-5368

For more information regarding what WACOPS LDG can do for your union, please contact one of the above consultants. 

LDG By-Laws (updated 1/2023)