Overview of Member Benefits  

When you join WACOPS, you are investing in your career as a law enforcement officer. At WACOPS, we know a hero when we see one. When you serve as a law enforcement officer, it’s more than a job. It’s a lifestyle, a mission, even a calling. Few people know what you put into it — the hours, the training, the missed moments with family. You welcome innovation and you strive for progress. You’re driven to protect the public and serve with distinction. But all too often you’re misunderstood and misrepresented. We’ll never stop fighting for you. For your safety. Your benefits. Your quality of life. And your ability to be an indispensable part of what makes our communities work. 

The member benefits we offer are foundational to delivering on our promises and we strive to meet the unique needs of WA State peace officers. The more agencies involved, the stronger voice we have; we invite yours to become a member of WACOPS.