We have heard you loud and clear that the ongoing violence, rioting and destruction is intolerable, unsafe and demoralizing. Team Blue – Washington has one goal – talk directly to voters about the problem and propose a ballot initiative to solve it.  From arbitrary cuts to budget to demoralizing abandonment of our duties, leadership across Washington is incapable of rising to the challenge of our times and proposing a positive solution that respects the rights of protestors while also ensuring basic public safety.

Team Blue-Washington will be filing a ballot initiative called the “Protect Free Speech and Safe Streets Act.” We strongly encourage you to go to our website at: www.teamblue-wa.com and read it for yourself. While you are there, please sign the petition and donate any amount you can toward this effort.

Our communities are demanding leadership that they are not getting from elected officials. Let us be there for our neighbors, for our families, and for our future to provide a clear path back to public safety.

We all need to participate to make this happen!  Please go to our website www.teamblue-wa.com, read the initiative, sign the petition, and push this out to everyone you know to do the same.  We need your signature to propel the initiative forward and we need your financial support to fund the campaign.

Join us today: www.teamblue-wa.com

Twitter: @TeamBlueWA

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Team-Blue-Washington

In the news...

KIRO Radio is running an interview with Team Blue on the "Free Speech and Safe Streets Act" during news segments today, October 27th. Take a few minutes to listen to our thoughts on letting voters decide a better path forward. 

The Seattle Times, October 26, 2020. Law enforcement unions push Washington ballot initiative to regulate protests, protect police jobs“This will work to restore order to our communities and allow people to have a robust say as to how their communities function,” Ryan Lufkin, a former deputy district attorney in Multnomah County in Oregon and the group’s chair, said.