The Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters (LEOFF) Plan 2 Retirement Board serves over 19,000 active and retired members of the Washington State LEOFF 2 retirement plan. The Board sets contribution rates for the plan and studies related pension issues.

The Board also recommends pension policy to the Legislature in the interest of the members and beneficiaries of the plan.

  • Questions about LEOFF retirement? Contact Alexandra Kasuske-Carroll, Department of Retirement Systems, via e-mail at [email protected].
  • Questions about long-term disability benefits? Contact Tammy Harman, Benefits Ombudsman via e-mail at [email protected] (360-586-2324).

How does LEOFF 2 Compare to other Pension Plans Nationwide?







Benefit Improvement Account Information Center

Please find below a series of document links related to the LEOFF 2 - Benefit Improvement Account. The first link is a short video providing an overview of the account, the need for a reliable funding mechanism, and why WACOPS supports HB2144. Following that link is a March 29, 2019 summary and Q and A provided by Executive Director, Teresa Taylor. Additionally, please find a joint letter from WACOPS and COMPAS. WACOPS is the largest law enforcement representative of LEOFF 2 pensioners. Funding the BIA is a high legislative priority as set by WACOPS members. 

March 1, 2021 Member Update LEOFF 1 TRS1

June 26, 2019 LEOFF Staff Update BIA

Overview of BIA Account Video link

LEOFF 2 BIA Q&A April 4, 2019

Joint Letter between WACOPS and COMPAS

LEOFF 2 History


For additional information, check the LEOFF 2 web site.