2021 Political Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire

Welcome to the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS) candidate endorsement questionnaire page. As the State's largest labor advocate for front line peace officers, we take the responsibility of endorsements very seriously. Just as important, we are committed to ensure those who represent us reflect the values and priorities important to enable us to exceed the expectations of our citizens and our families. With 60% of Washington's rank and file fully commissioned officers as members, WACOPS leverages its collective strength to influence policy issues critical to our membership.

Members value engagement in the political process to protect the rights and quality of life of Washington's peace officers. Our members are committed to improving pension benefits, retaining collective bargaining rights, and safe working conditions. We value political allies that stand with us in the fight to ensure those public servants placing their lives on the line to serve the public are treated fairly and with the respect they earn each shift.

WACOPS is a non-partisan organization and candidates are endorsed based on their positions on issues important to the WACOPS membership.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire. We require all candidates seeking our endorsement to complete this step. Your responses in consultation with our local members will inform our endorsement process. We may request an interview to get to know you better and discuss issues important to our membership.

To earn the endorsement of our members, we expect candidates to share our values and articulate how they would use their position to enact laws that protect, and stop laws that erode the rights and quality of life of law enforcement officers. Your responses to the following questions will help us determine where our priorities align.

Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire